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In the Vegetable Patch: Scrumptious potato salad

It’s time to think ahead to alfresco summer dining.

Grow your own delicious produce and you will never go hungry.


Waxy potatoes (Kipfler, Sapphire and Ruby Lou) make the best potato salad.



For the best potato salads grow waxy potatoes, such as ‘Sapphire’, ‘Ruby Lou’ or ‘Kipfler’. You can plant your potatoes now in containers, tyres, no-dig and the more traditional ‘hilling’ method. Potatoes are easy to grow. We plant ours in a deep 40cm trench, 40cm apart. Fill the trench with soil and feed and water as normal. Expect your harvest 12 to 20 weeks from planting.



Liquid feed your garlic. During October and November garlic bulbs should be developing a papery sheath for better storing potential. We love Eco Aminogro (OCP) for this purpose. Harvest garlic when leaves turn yellow then dry the bulbs in the sun for two weeks before storing.


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