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In the Vegetable Patch: Zucchini is a vegie in a hurry

It’s time to plant this tasty summer vegetable. Quick and easy to grow, zucchini take 6 weeks from seed sowing to harvest.

Zucchini loves full sunshine, rich soil and consistent watering. You can sow seed direct in the ground, or you can plant seedlings. Graham sowed seed from Mr Fothergill. He likes to ‘hill’ the soil so water drains quickly. Zucchini hates wet feet. The light skinned Lebanese zucchini has a sweet flavour and good yield.


Photo - Claire Bickle


Claire Bickle shares her top tips for good yield:

  • Consistent watering to avoid blossom end rot.

  • Full sun, good drainage, organic matter added to soil before planting, mulch after planting.

  • Avoid watering the foliage in the late afternoon to help avoid powdery mildew.