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In the Vegie Patch: It’s time to feed strawberries.

In cool areas, late winter-early spring is a great time to plant strawberries.

We are feeding our potted strawberries with Rocket Fuel (Neutrog) and watering with Harvest seaweed (Amgrow). Remember to water the soil, not the leaves, with a seaweed solution every two weeks.


Photo -  Robin Powell


Feed soil ready for planting summer vegetables.

Find our power soil recipe here…

Construct your tomato trellis, tunnel, tee pee or box.

If you are planning to grow tomatoes, consider which type of trellis best suits your chosen variety.

 Allow a day to build the growing frame. Set stakes at least 50cm into the soil and anchor to star pickets in high wind areas. Insert a 50-75cm length of agline pipe, on an angle, at each planting spot. This will allow for effective deep watering of the root system. 


Tee-pee: Tie 6 x 3m stakes at the top to make a wigwam. Plant up with tomatoes, beans and cucumbers, which all grow harmoniously together. Use the central shaded area in the middle for summer lettuce.


Boxed up: make 1m x 1m squares of bamboo with four corner posts and four horizontal rails to help support the fruit-laden branches of bush tomatoes.


Flat out: make 2.5m high tepee tunnel with tomato stakes. Plant with climbing beans on one side and climbing tomatoes on the other. Plant tomatoes at 1.5m centres and train them horizontally for maximum sun exposure. Plant the inside of the tunnel with salad greens.


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