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In the Garden: July

Start liquid feeding emerging spring bulbs
as soon as they are 10cm tall. Be careful not to overwater bulbs growing in pots - only water when the soil has dried out.

Plant bare-rooted roses in pre-prepared beds. After planting, water them in with seaweed solution and bed them down with good mulch - roses especially love lucerne.

Spray lime sulfur over pruned roses and stone fruit to kill off fungal spores and insect pests hiding out over winter. Spray stems until they are dripping and don't forget to spray the surrounding soil too.

Crepe myrtles can be pruned to keep them at the desired height and width. Prune back to the 'knuckles', clearing the main trunk (or trunks) to show off its good looks.

The voracious cabbage moth butterfly is the curse of the cabbage family. Horticulturist Brian Chapman shares his tips to saving your precious plants on page 51.

Hearting lettuce like mignonette, oak leaf and iceberg grow well through the cooler weather. Plant seedlings every few weeks for a continuous supply. For more inspiration on what to plant now, head to page 46.

After citrus have fruited, prune to open the canopy into a vase shape. This will increase air flow and promote ripening of fruit on interior branches.

Add colour to the garden: marigolds, lupins, pansies, violas, verbena and lavender look beautiful and also act as beneficial insect attractors.