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Mad About Orchids

Feed your orchids each month to encourage their flowering.

Our Stanhopea (Upside-down orchid) flower at Christmas time.


Stanhopea (Upside Down Orchid)


A Stanhopea orchid need filtered or morning sunshine during winter, so make sure it is not too shaded at this time. We use Strike Back for Orchid in the pellet form, which is quick and easy.

Oncidiums are ‘Dancing Lady’ type of Singapore orchid. This one smells like lemon. Oncidiums can handle direct morning light and prefer bright to very bright conditions.Because they have large, fleshy pseudobulbs and masses of roots, they are prone to rotting. The potting media must be perfectly free draining. Grow them on slabs or in baskets. During the growing season, water daily or every other day. Be careful, though, because drainage is an absolute priority. Start fertilizing once the plant shows signs of fresh growth in the spring.


Oncidium Heaven Scent ‘Redolence’ with red and white boiled candy humbug type of pattern, which when combined with the wider sepals and petals of the flower makes for a great display.


Cymbidiums also need lots of winter sunshine to promote their flowers. I’m watching closely for signs of flower stems, but we did re-pot it last year so we probably won’t get any flowers this winter.


Cymbidium orchid

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