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In The Garden: May


Treat yourself to a pot of cyclamen. Position in a well-lit spot indoors and take care not to overwater. It's best to stand the pot in a few centimetres of water in a saucer or bowl; moisture will be absorbed through the pot.

It's your last chance to plant spring bulbs! While it's too late for mail-order, you may find bulbs for sale at your local garden centre or nursery.

If your stone fruit suffered from the dreaded peach leaf curl last season, give the tree a clean-up spray with liquid copper at leaf fall. Follow with lime sulfur during dormancy and spray again with liquid copper once buds start to swell (but beforebud burst). Good coverage is essential.

In cool climes, think about frost protection for the coming months. Move vulnerable plants to a more protected spot, like indoors or into a glasshouse.

Give hedges a trim to keep them neat and tidy throughout winter.

Feed emerging spring bulbs regularly with liquids such as Thrive Flower and Fruit or Powerfeed. Consider oversowing with annuals like alyssum or lobelia to complement the bulbs.

Move cymbidium orchids to a sunny spot and start a monthly fertiliser to promote flowering spikes in late winter.

Reduce watering of indoor plants as the weather cools. Water only when the mix is dry and light. Move any pots near heating outlets.