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In the garden: November


  • Feed gardenias with Kahoona (Neutrog) every 3 months to encourage a profusion of blooms. Keep an eye out for sooty mould, which can be caused by sap-sucking insects like scale. Treat with eco-oil and eco-neem.

  • Sap-sucking pests, like aphids and whitefly, are likely to be out in full force. Mix eco-oil with eco-neem (in a spray bottle) or use Beat-A-Bug to keep them under control. Treat caterpillars with Dipel or Success Ultra (Yates).

  • There is still plenty of time to plant your first (or second!) crop of vegies: beans, beets, cucumbers, leafy greens, pumpkin, sweet corn and tomatoes. Feed well during the season with a vegie-specific fertiliser.

  • Treat weeds near vegie beds with Slasher, an organic weedkiller. Once under control, mulch thickly with an organic mulch to help suppress weeds and retain soil moisture.

  • Keep your lawn thick and lush by mowing high and often. Feed with an organic lawn fertiliser now and again in Autumn. Always water well after feeding.

  • Check your irrigation systems to see if any parts need to be replaced or blockages need to be cleared.

  • Spray your roses each month with our Orrganic Rose Spray recipe to keep them strong and pest free. For the recipe, click here.

  • Get a head start on Christmas gifts by planting out bowls of fast-growing leafy greens, including lettuce, bok choy, rocket, spring onions, and spinach. For the gourmand in your lives, plant a herb bowl instead. Basil, mint, parsley and thyme are popular choices.