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In The Garden: October


Take cuttings of various indoor plants,
like devil's ivy, syngonium, snake plant, monstera, rhipsalis, hoya, philodendron and string of pearls. Root them in a glass of water or insert cuttings trays filled with a propagating mix.
Transplant into individual pots filled with a premium potting mix once a substantial rootball has formed. They'll make excellent Christmas gifts!

Love the idea of pumpkins but think they will take up too much space? Wrong! Pumpkins can be grown vertically over fences or trellises to save on space while still providing a plentiful harvest for next winter's soups.

Plant out a hanging basket with flowers and foliage. Water often, especially if the wind is blowing. Feed regularly too.

Watch out for fruit fly. Lure and trap them now. If you can get your neighbours to do the same, you will double protection of your summer fruit bounty.

Cut back climbing roses as they finish flowering. Remove some older canes to make way for new ones and prune laterals back to the framework. Wear long gloves! Follow the trim with a feed.

Weed and mulch before the heat sets in. Mulch prevents weeds and buffers plants against heat stress that comes with early hot weather.

Lift and divide warm-season clumping perennials such as banana, aloe vera, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, garlic chives, sugar cane and galangal. Improve the soil of the new areas, then replant divisions.

Get new plants in before the weather gets too hot and the sun too strong.