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Our Kitchen Garden

There’s inspiration here to help expand your vegetable repertoire- in the garden and on the plate!

Want to dig deeper? Go to all you need on tomato-growing is there.



Plant Now

Our summer veg tepee will have you harvesting 36kg of vegetables from one square metre over three months! Make a six-pole-bamboo-tepee as high as you can, then plant two tomatoes, two cucumbers, four climbing beans and six lettuce in the middle. No room in the garden? Plant the same arrangement in a wine barrel.




For Kids

Give the kids a fun container to plant up. Add drainage holes and fill with potting mix and let them decide what they’d like to watch grow.





Rotating crops reduces pets and diseases. We group our vegetables into legumes, leafy greens, fruiting veg and roots, and shift them on a bed each season. Rest a bed every now and again.




Pick now

Edible flowers, such as pansy, viola, rose, geranium and calendula, are pretty, and pretty-tasty, garnishes on salads. Use only organically- own flowers.

Don’t let broad beans get big and floury. Harvest when small, tender and sweet. Try a few of the delicious green leaf shoots too. Use liquid fertiliser to keep them going.

Use an as asparagus knife to cut the spears off just below the surface of the soil. Harvest just before using for asparagus so sweet you won’t want to cook it.

Check garlic. When leaves start yellowing it’s nearly ready. Pick one to see if the papery sheath bulbs and dry them on a sun-drenched tables or trays.




Do now

Rest and revitalise worn- out vegetable beds, by planting a green manure crop. Dig it into the soil once it has matured.

Replenish potting mix after the end of each vegetable seasons. It is spent.

Cauliflowers are heating up. To protect the creamy curds from discoluring in the sunshine, pull the outer leaves up and peg them together.

Search online for more ideas for the kale harvest. Pick leaves from the bottom up.




Think ahead

Don’t forget summer herbs. Sow a range of basil now.

Try Greek, global, green, purple, Thai and perennial for a wardrobe of flavour options.