Blog Plant of the Week: Luculia

Plant of the Week: Luculia

The lovely Luculia is a wonderful addition to your winter garden.

We have just planted two of them in a new east-facing position in our patch with morning sunshine near the front entrance to our home.


Luculia pinceana ‘Pink Spice’.


We chose a new variety called Luculia pinceana ‘Pink Spice’, recommended by Pete Teese at Yamina Rare Plants, and introduced from China into Australia by his father, Arnold Teese.The large clusters of scented pink flowers (that resemble hydrangea) and smooth large foliage are an improvement over Luculia gratissima with larger individual flowers in each inflorescence. Pete recommends growing it in a part shade, frost-free spot. Great as a hedge or screen or plant it alone as single magnificent specimen. This luculia grows to 3-5m. Good soil prep will make a huge difference to the way it settles in and establishes. We used decomposed leaf litter. We dug in the layer of ‘Who Flung Dung’ mulch which had been down for two months while this garden bed was waiting and we incorporated our own compost. The result is a humus-rich soil which we hope the luculias will love. Good drainage is essential. Arnold Teese also introduced a white luculia called ‘White Frills’.


Luculia ‘White Frills’

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