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Red Earth Bulb's Lilium 2019 Collection

Add a splash of summer colour to your garden with Garden and Oriental Lilies. Each bulb produces 30-40 flowers per stem and just keeps on giving every single year.

Our friend Tim Drewitt from Red Earth Bulbs has Liliums going at unbelievable prices. Drum roll please.


If you’re interested in adding some to your garden or in pots, remember: Use the code 'GardenClinic' in the Coupon Code box at checkout - the listed lilium bulbs will be 50% off their regular price.


Lilium ‘Apricot Fudge’

Double apricot blooms that really don't resemble that of the lilium family at all! Long lasting, cut flower, it is a truly unique bulb.

Order 'Apricot Fudge' 



Lilium ‘Black Beauty’

A world famous Japanese Lilium. Up to 40 blooms on a stem once established, the highly reflexed burgundy petals with a white border and black spots. A stunning, fragrance from this true garden Lilium.

Order 'Black Beauty' 



Lilium ‘Table Dance’

A fantastic newly released Oriental x Trumpet Lilium with larger than life rich pink blooms. A strong grower, with exceptional strong stems.

Order 'Table Dance'  



Lilium ‘Silk Road’

A personal favourite, and an absolute stunner in the oriental x trumpet class. The large blooms of deep burgundy thickly bordered by creamy white, are carried on long, strong stems. We counted 36 blooms on one stem!

Order 'Silk Road'  


Lilium ‘Yelloween’

A uniquely coloured oriental x trumpet Lilium. There are very few pastel coloured Lilies and even fewer with the exquisite perfume of Yelloween. A tall grower, I have seen her up to 3m with over 30 dinner plate sized blooms!

Order ' Yelloween'  



Lilium ‘Miss Freya’

Winning awards for fragrance, Miss Freya is one of the last Lilies to bloom towards the end of March. The rich pinkish red blooms are heavily black spotted with a full fragrance. A Japanese hybrid, this Lilium is a true garden performer.

Order 'Miss Freya'