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In The Garden: September

Plant lilies now for a fabulous early-summer
display. The OT liliums (pictured) are a cross between the exotic oriental lilium and the tough sturdy trumpet liliums. OT liliums are more vigorous and sweetly perfumed. Plant bulbs in a large pot (50-60cm tall and wide) using a premium potting mix with added controlled release fertiliser.

Plant out summer vegies after the last frost: tomatoes, chillies, zucchini, sweet corn, cucumbers, beans, squash, herbs and more. See our guides on page 46 for more growing info and tips.

Looking for ways to reducewaste in the home? Compost bins, worm farms or bokashi bins are excellent methods to divert kitchen and household waste from landfill. Choose a format that suits your lifestyle. Local councils often have rebates and workshops on how to get started.

Plant dahlia tubers, staking tall varieties at planting time. Protect new shoots from snails and slugs with a sprinkle of eco-shield, an organic snail bait. Pinch out—snip the top of the plant off—once there are 3-5 sets of leaves. This will encourage side shoots, a bushier growth habit and more flower heads.

Late-winter and early-spring flowering plants such as diosma, flowering quince and may bush (spirea) should be pruned as soon as they've finished.

Liquid feed spring-flowering bulbs as they finish flowering. This will help your bulbs reflower next year. Don't be tempted to remove dying foliage as nutrients travel back into the bulbs via the leaves.

Apply organic fertiliser to all beds. This slowly feeds plants but also nourishes the soil by encouraging microbial activity.