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Tim’s Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato + Fertiliser pack

Have you tried growing tomatoes only to lose your crop to fruit fly. Then we have the solution –Tim’s fruit fly resistant tomato and you’ll have genetic protection against fruit fly.

This week we have a huge gift to say thank you for joining us at the club – a Tim’s fruit fly resistant tomato plus a huge pack of fertilisers to help you grow a great tomato harvest.

269.00 value for ONLY ....



That's a huge saving of over $169! 


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Here's how it breaks down

1 year Platinum membership to the Garden Clinic including;

4 issues of the Garden Clinic Journal - $40.00

7 days per week access to Expert Helpline - $50.00

1 Garden Clinic class or workshop - $85.00




Tim’s Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato - $9.95

Neutrog Gogo Juice 1L - $19.95

Neutrog Rocket Fuel 230g- $4.95

Amgrow Harvest 1L - $19.95

Richgro Beat a Weed750ml - $9.95

Delivery by courier - $30.00


Total value $269.00

2020 sale price $99.95

You save $169.05!


This offer is strictly limited, so join now