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What to do this week: Feed the Flowers

Hibiscus bring a glorious taste of the tropics to a warm frost-free garden.

This week is your last chance to prune them. As they flower on new wood, the harder you prune, the more new growth is produced and the more flowers. Hibiscus are hungry so feed them every six weeks with either Sudden Impact for Roses (Neutrog) or Black Marvel Rose Food (Richgro) and water it in with a seaweed solution.



For more info about growing hibiscus click here


Feed, feed, feed! The garden is hungry so sprinkle pellets of Sudden Impact for Roses or Seamungus everywhere except for your Aussie native plants. They prefer Bush Tucker (Neutrog) which has low phosphorus content.

Feed citrus … they are hungry! At least four times a year with an organic pelleted manure. We use Gyganic by Neutrog spread all over the root zone, but not against the trunk. You can use up to half a bucket per tree. Then water in well.

Feed peonies now with a rose food (Sudden Impact for Roses), Blood and Bone and potash. Feed again in autumn.

Feed roses and start their monthly organic spray programme to keep them healthy, free of black spot fungus and aphid. For ingredients click on our story:’s-monthly-rose-spray