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What to do this week: Plant summer flowers

Plant up summer flower planters to brighten your balcony, deck or patio.


Summer flower planter


  • Choose a large container to plant: petunias, snapdragons, calabrachoa, lobelia, alyssum and nasturtium, with dwarf dahlias for beautiful flower colour through summer and autumn. Our planter has a fuchsia and salvia with snapdragon and blue lobelia. Set your pot on pot feet or a plant dolly (with wheels) to ensure it drains well. Position your planter to avoid hot afternoon sunshine.

  • Don’t rush to cut spent flowers; we found stingless native bees on our rocket.

  • Take cuttings of lavender, dip in hormone powder and pot into course propagating mix.

  • Watch developing lilies as they shoot, for slugs and snails which eat out the flower bud. Slugs and snails are around in showery weather. Sprinkle snail pellets around your liliums.


Stingless native bees are great pollinators