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A pest is producing little black beads all over the stems and leaves of my mandarin tree?
These are the sap-sucking pest, scale, and you have done the right thing by spraying with Eco-oil, as this is good for preventing scale and controlling larvae.
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When do roses flower in Adelaide?
Spring and autumn (generally September to November and March until May) are when you can enjoy the beautiful classic blooms and fragrance of roses.
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What is the best time and method to propagate daphne?
Any time from spring to autumn is suitable for taking daphne cuttings. Take a cutting of approximately 10cm length, including a node (a swollen section of stem where leaves, stems, roots originate). Dip this into rooting hormone gel or powder and place into propagation mix deep enough so that it stands by itself. A plastic cover over the pot will help retain humidity. Place in a protected position out of direct sunlight. Keep moist and expect roots in a couple of months.
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