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Autumn 2015 Issue

Autumn 2015 Issue

What's inside?

A special welcome to the Garden Clinic Club to all our new members; I hope you enjoy our autumn issue. Our cover is the hint that this month we’ve put the focus on sweet peas, my absolute favourites. I grew up on a  
standard ¼-acre block and all three of the paling fences enclosing the backyard were permanently covered with wire for the autumn sowing of sweet peas. That was easily 35m of
sweet peas! Yes they were my mum’s and grandmother’s favourite flowers too. I was only 4 when my dad taught me how to grow sweet peas; 60 years later I still love their evocative
perfume and pastel shades and grow them every year.

We know that gardeners are often a bit disappointed though, so this year we have a new way to help you out. As well as the great information in our magazine, you can join our Sweet Club Tribe and receive personalised help to get the best sweet pea bouquets ever. Call us to find out more. It’s not all sweet peas though. Inside you’ll also find out how to grow the stars of the autumn garden, and meet some wonderful people. Let us know what you think; we appreciate your feedback. And don’t forget the GCC members Helpline is now seven days a week.