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Winter 2018 issue

Winter 2018 issue

What's inside?

Welcome letter to your Winter issue.

Gardening is one of humanity’s great elixirs: it feeds the soul, the mind, the body and can feed the spirit too. But too often we only take in one or two of its energy-generating benefits. Winter’s slower pace is a time to take a breather and absorb all there is to enjoy in the garden.

This magazine is full of inspiration from around the world: news, irresistible plants, gardens from around the globe and others from our own backyard. The one close to my heart is Linda’s Frog Hollow. I’m a big fan of her design skills and love what she has done at her beachside patch. In this issue she invites us all in to share her tips and enthusiastic inspiration.

I’ve always felt gardeners are THE most fascinating people anywhere and in this issue we catch up with advice, ideas and practical tips from old friends Michael McCoy, Sophie Thomson and Ali Mentesh. You’ll also meet a woman finding out exactly how to use gardening to support the education of preschoolers; a flower-lover who developed a new magazine on her daily commute into Sydney, and a Queensland professor who has looked at the risks and benefits of feeding birds in our backyards. What a stellar line-up!

Keep an eye on Better Homes & Gardens TV, Channel 7, Friday nights at 7.00pm. We’re visiting the finest gardens in England and Scotland, including Buckingham Palace, Sissinghurst and Jupiter Artland. You’ll kick yourself if you miss them!