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Winter 2022 Issue

Winter 2022 Issue

What's inside?

Winter, the season native wildflowers commence their floral performance, so it’s only right we feature them in this issue. John Elton is a volunteer at The Illawarra Grevillea Park Botanic Garden; he writes about his favourite native plants. Author, Maria Hitchcock tells us how to propagate flannel flowers. I interview expert and commercial wildflower grower Craig Scott and the legendary Angus Stewart shows us how to prune and divide kangaroo paws.

Sandra introduces you to our homegrown cutting garden for year-round blooms. And I visit ‘Winterwood’ to meet plantsman extraordinaire, Don Schofield, and discover his mountain retreat and masterpiece. Back in the kitchen garden, we are growing beets and Angie Thomas shares her knowledge on growing parsnips and building wicking beds, the new rage.

With our Australian and overseas specialist garden tours back and filling up, I take you on an autumnal trip to Japan to celebrate our 50th tour there. Your Garden Clinic questions are answered, and Tammy’s outlined our suggestions for each months’ planning and planting.

In addition, the 42nd and 40th birthdays of the 2GB Garden Clinic Radio Show and GC Club were fun events to celebrate. Thank you to those who joined in with decades old stories. While we’re in the party mood, congratulations to our Editor, Tammy Huynh, appointed Horticulturist of the Year 2021 by the Australian Institute of Horticulture and for picking up a gig on Gardening Australia. Now the cooler weather is here with shorter days, your journal arrives with a great read for you in front of a fire with a cuppa in hand, enjoy.