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Love your compost - It's all about the layers

Podcast by: Linda Ross
In this episode Linda and Sandra Ross discuss their love of dirt and what 30 years of experience teaches you about the perfect compost. Making your own compost is simple following the steps outlined in the podcasts and as Sandra says -It’s like making a lasagna.

You’ll hear about :

  • The triple bin compost system
  • How to avoid the mould, slushy stuff that no one wants to touch!
  • Why compost is the perfect soil conditioner
  • How to speed up excruciatingly slow compost
  • How to banish bugs from your compost
  • How to build up heat in your compost
  • Accelerators and activators that speed up your compost
  • Store bought compost makers - what’s best if you can’t buy your own?
  • Cheap, simple ways to compost kitchen scraps
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About this podcast

Author: Linda Ross