Podcasts Meet the Geraniaceae Family

Meet the Geraniaceae Family

Geraniums are an excellent choice for our changing, warming climate. They thrive in bright sunny gardens, hanging out of window-boxes and adorning pots on balconies. And scented varieties are wonderful when picked and placed in a soothing hot bath!

Linda visits Riva Dale’s gorgeous and very popular Geranium Cottage in the north west of Sydney. It’s a hub of activity with a wonderful selection of hybrids, a delicious cafe and homemade jams and jellies.

Linda and Riva discuss how to grow geraniums, the secrets of pinching out, the different varieties from zonal, ivy and scented. We discuss what was Queen Victoria’s favourite geranium and give information on pruning and feeding.


Geranium Cottage

Where: 828 Old Northern Rd, Middle Dural

Phone: 02 96520475

Website: www.geraniumcottage.com.au

Open 7 days a week from 8am - 4pm. Serve breakfast until 11am and lunch from 12pm. Morning and afternoon teas are available in between times. 50 minute drive from the city, so hop in the car and take Mum or Nanna for a spin.

Facebook: @geraniumcottagenurseryandcafe



Podcast by: Linda Ross

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